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Oh hey! I'm Ankurman.


I'm a knowledge hungry MoFo, a strategic workaholic, and unusually driven.

Since moving to the US in the fall of 2012, I've read 257+ non-fiction books on topics like human behavior, personal finances, entrepreneurship, stoicism, persuasion, and quantified self, among others. 

I took actions on this information to conduct life-experiments and produced results like -

  • Eliminated over 52lbs (or 23kg) of extra body fat (BF) and today easily maintain under 13% BF any time of the year
  • Launched 8 businesses while in graduate school pursuing a MS in Chemical Engineering; most of them failed but I was able to clear off $30,000 of debt, lived The 4-Hour Workweek lifestyle for 9 months, and also got my piece of paper
  • Traveled across 47 US States, Canada, Mexico, & Puerto Rico spending under $5,000 in total
  • Built a network of authentic friends in 29 countries across 6 continents including 2 real-life mentors with a total net worth over $10M dollars
  • Discovered my life's purpose - To live inspired and live to inspire others

I would be BSing you if I said I've figured it all out. 

But I'm grateful to have experienced my share of ups and downs; like that time when I was homeless on the streets of Cincinnati for 2 weeks, that led me to uncover answers to questions like: 

Who am I?

What do I want to get out of life?

If I'm on my death bed 12 months from today, what are the things I want to have done that would make me feel most fulfilled?

This website is a digital repository of my thoughts, ideas, belief systems, first principles thinking processes, and one of the ways I live my truth.

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"Ankur has that rare ability to be self-aware and redirect his steps to propel himself to greater and greater things."

RIA PERSAD, CEO at StatWeather and Ms. America USS National Choice 2017-2018 

"Ankur views the world from a child's perspective of wonder and possibilities. He inspires me."


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