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28 Not So Weird Things About Me

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  1. I believe you can have every thing in life if you help enough other people to get what they want in life.
  2. I practice #1 by working at an awesome company out of San Jose, California called Vaadin; through my Sunday newsletter; by volunteering as an AlwaysHired alumni instructor; and by jumping on every available opportunity to share my knowledge, compassion, and network that can help solve the challenges people I know of are facing.
  3. Before moving to the Bay Area from Ohio, I cold emailed a few people for tech sales career advice. 1 of the 4 persons who replied is my current house mate, and another 1 is a member of my inner circle in the Bay Area. 
  4. I think LÄRABAR makes the best energy bars and they taste better than RXBAR.
  5. uni-ball Signo Micro 207 0.5MM ball pen in black is what I write with on paper.
  6. 57 - the no. of postcards and hand-written letters I sent in 2017.
  7. Amazon kindle e-books and audible books don't cut it for me.
  8. If I could only carry 3 physical books with me, they would be my underlined copy of: a) How Not to Die, b) Tools of Titans, c) Awaken the Giant Within.
  9. Within my first 18 months of living in the US, I traveled across 21 States spending less than $150 on traveling and lodging.
  10. I am pretty good at convincing strangers to let me stay at their houses for free.
  11. My flight to the US back in Aug 2012 was my first ever flying experience. From 2014 - 2017, I flew over 45,000 miles.
  12. I eat 80% plant-based. No red-meat for me please.
  13. I can't yet swim without swallowing gallons of water from the pool. I'm also aware that it sucks to not be able to swim.
  14. After having run 2 full-marathons, I'm 97.3% sure that the 3rd one isn't going to happen. But I do have a distant goal to scale Mt. Everest for my 50th birthday.
  15. I led a heavy metal cover band in my senior year at college.
  16. I lived homeless in the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio for 2 weeks.
  17. I dropped out of my Ph.D. program at the University of Cincinnati and drove over 11,000 miles across 40 US States and did 5,000+ pushups.
  18. I think Whole Foods is highly over rated. Trader Joes or Kroger or Fresh Thyme or Sprouts Farmer market are smarter grocery shopping locations with similar quality food at lower pricing.  
  19. I own 118 things excluding physical books.
  20. $147 for an Osprey Stratos 34 (backpack) is the most I've spent on a non-electronic item that I carry on me.
  21. My most proudest moment in 2017 was being able to get the US visa for my parents, fly them to attend my graduation ceremony and travel with them.
  22. Except for at grocery stores, I ask for discounts almost during 90% of my in-store purchases including at Starbucks.
  23. I'm obsessed with self-awareness.
  24. I crowd sourced my Master's thesis in grad school so as to work on my tech startup that eventually bombed. The thesis defense went great.
  25. I have a constant itch burning desire to look out for inefficient processes and improve upon them.
  26. I'm confident in my personal finance knowledge, investment, and people skills that I'll not have to worry about money ever again in my life. 
  27. I believe what doesn't kill you makes you smarter, faster, better, stronger, and wiser. Got to live through one such experience that I'm truly grateful for. 
  28. I derive my energy from helping others become the best version of themselves. 

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