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"What took me over 10 years to partially figure out, Ankur helped me identify and categorize by becoming more self-aware of my behaviors, strengths, and values after only 10 weeks of getting to know and learn from him."

ADAM MILLMAN, Inside Sales @ ThoughtSpot

I only read non-fiction. I then apply the strategies in these books in my day-to-day life.

My goal with the newsletter is to share with you systems, that in the past have produced results for me like losing 50+ lbs of body fat, clearing off $30,000 of debt, traveling for dirt-cheap, and becoming self-aware of my emotions, strengths, weaknesses, values, drivers, and goals - and their impact on others. 

No BS. No gimmicks. Only actionable steps that you can implement right away to get real results.

"WARNING: Ankur's newsletter will stretch you outside your comfort zone. But he's generous enough to also give you actionable steps that'll help you to give your best performance at the game of life. It sure does for me." 

MAX TUVSHINBAYAR., Enterprise AE @ indeni

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